My Foot Dog Collar

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Our Dog Collars are fully adjustable.
Please see our Dog Collar Sizing guide for exact fit

Variants Available on this item

1. This item has NO PERSONALIZATION 

2. You can also Purchase Leash Only (Standard Size LARGE (.75" x 72" or 6 feet) on ALL Sizes with NO PERSONALIZATION
(Select Large > Leash Only)

3. You can also Purchase by Bundle (Leash and Collar) Save 15%

Our sizes 

M (Medium): 3/4 or 0.75” wide, adjustable from 12”-16”. Weight is 0.07 lbs
L (Large): 3/4 or 0.75" wide, adjustable from 16”-20”. Weight is 0.08 lbs
XL (XLarge): 3/4 or 0.75" wide, adjustable from 20”-26”. Weight is 0.10 lbs

Please make sure to measure your dog before placing your order

Our Material and Print

Our Material is custom printed here in Smyrna Tennessee and its 100% thick polyester with black inside color.
Our print method are sublimation.The effects are permanent and less prone to fading,
as the ink is embedded in the fabric or substrate rather than simply laying on top like a normal print.

Color and Print Area.

The inside pet collar color is black.
Printable area of the collar is .75" x 12" on all sizes

Notes On Use:

It is the responsibility of the purchaser
to determine the suitability of our dog collar products for their use.
PrintMagic will not be held responsible for the misuse of our products.

Things to Remember

Some Dog Collars have Personalization like Dog Names and Contact Number.
Some display items have no Personalization.
On designs we used "BINGO" as our sample dog name.
Font type cannot be changed.

Please contact us for unique custom personalization request. Email us at

Attribution to Freepik on some design elements (